Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bighorn Ram

"Bighorn Ram"  18x24
A young ram on watch.
Available for purchase

Wood Stove

"Wood Stove"  7x5

Black Cat

"Black Cat"  5x7
Isn't she gorgeous, with her yellow eyes and pink ears?
Available for purchase.

Sunrise - Great Blue Heron

"Sunrise" - Great Blue Heron  16x12
Great Blue Heron preparing to greet the day.
Available for purchase.

Black Beauty

"Black Beauty"  12x16
A gorgeous Friesian Mare.
Available for purchase

Cat Eye

"Cat Eye" 1"x1"
I have done a series of mini boards that I show at art shows/festivals.
  This is an example of one of them. 
All of my minis have sold, thank you!

Date Palm

"Date Palm"  16x12
A combination of two boards that portray a typical date palm.
Available for purchase

Calf in Sunlight

"Calf in Sunlight" 12x16
A cute little calf, bathed in afternoon sun, watches you watching him.
This little guy has SOLD, thank you!!!